Emergency Service

paw    Oakville-Lakeshore Animal Hospital provides On-Call Emergency Service at triage system (critical cases are seen first).

paw    The Vet will do his best to help your pet with prompt, compassionate care.

paw    The Vet will respond to all emergency calls quickly by phone and in person within 15 minutes.

paw    Once your pet’s condition has been stabilized, your pet will be treated and return home with medication or hospitalized with fluid therapy until morning then transferred to your regular Veterinary Clinic.

paw    If your pet requires specialized treatment, we can arrange this on an emergency basis while communicating with our family Veterinarians.

paw    Financial Policy: A deposit is required on all hospital cases with the balance due in full at discharge. For your convenience we accept Cash, Debit, Visa, and MasterCard.

paw    When your Veterinarian is not available and you are looking for Veterinary Emergency care, Dr. A. Aziz will take care of your pet if you call (416) 888 – 7084

paw    Sometimes it may be difficult to tell if your pet needs emergency care or not. Click Here for some signs that might indicate the need for Veterinary Emergency Care.

paw    It is better to be cautious than to wait.