Pharmacy and Food Supplies

Our in-house pharmacy is well stocked and contains supplies that allow us to immunize and treat your pet. When medication is dispensed for your pet, we will discuss with you in detail dosage, potential side effects and how to administer the medication. If there are any questions or concerns that need further inquiry, our veterinarian will look into it and follow up with you.

Proper nutrition is one of the best preventative tools available, so we carry a variety of diets to support your pet throughout its lifetime. Some of our patient’s medical conditions require a special diet either in the short or long term. We also carry the necessary therapeutic diets that are designed to aid in the management of chronic diseases.

Our reception area displays many items your pet will need for proper health care. If there is a product you would like that we do not have displayed, please feel free to ask our staff and we would be happy to look into it for you.